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Our ESG Commitment

Our Environment Social Governance (ESG) commitment is designed to meet the rising societal expectations while adding value to the communities we engage with. It is built upon three core pillars.

Health & Safety

The operational and financial success of a company is meaningful only when paralleled by a commitment to health and safety in the workplace. Health and safety rank as top priorities.


And we execute an action plan grounded in risk analysis and systematic accident assessment to proactively prevent incidents.

Social Initiatives

Red Rock Mining will strive to contribute as much as possible to the development and empowerment of the local population through a policy of supporting employment and professional training, financing environmental, educational, and cultural projects in direct collaboration with local authorities.

Job creation is one of the primary socio-economic benefits of the mining industry. By prioritizing local recruitment and providing adequate training, Red Rock Mining will promote employment in the regions where it operates and collaborate with local educational institutions.

This will take the form of professional training programs, scholarships, or partnerships with universities for research and development.


Our Beneficial Commitment to the Planet

Our commitment to the environment is paramount, and we endeavor to minimize our impact on the natural world.


From the planning and design stages of our operations to the adoption of advanced environmental practices and technologies.

we pledge to responsibly manage natural resources and preserve the environment for future generations.