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About Us

Red Rock Mining, a Moroccan mining company backed by foreign investments, specializes in the exploration and extraction of copper deposits in Morocco. Our objective is to identify and certify copper deposits for exploitation, producing high-quality copper concentrate. Investing in Morocco, a country rich in copper deposits, Red Rock Mining sees potential in the political and social stability of Morocco, which is a significant advantage for our investment prospects.
Over the past two years, Red Rock Mining has actively engaged in exploration and identification of potential sites in copper-rich regions of Morocco. We aim to identify and exploit new reserves. Red Rock Mining benefits from the collaboration of a group of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience. Additionally, strategic alliances with reputable companies in the mining sector have strengthened our position and expertise. Red Rock Mining is committed to becoming a player in the energy transition and is moving towards low-carbon mineral extraction and processing methods that are more environmentally friendly. This involves the use of clean technologies, reducing water consumption, optimizing energy usage, and minimizing mining waste. The processing plants will operate exclusively on electricity supplied in Morocco by hydroelectric power plants. Moreover, the transformation of raw copper ore into copper concentrate will be achieved using non-toxic products. In the next three decades, copper production is expected to surpass that which has already been achieved since the dawn of humanity. Red Rock Mining understands this challenge and positions itself as a strong player in response to the ever-increasing demand for copper.

Our values

The concept of the future has been the driving force behind our quest. Confronted with the critical challenges of climate change, the urgent need to ‘decarbonize’ our economies and implement the energy transition has compelled us to actively participate in this significant transformation. It is time to build a mining industry that respects our planet and its inhabitants.

Copper plays a vital role in replacing conventional technologies with decarbonized alternatives. Whether in the field of transportation or energy production (solar and wind), the applications of copper are three to ten times higher compared to carbon-based production methods.

Thierry Sarles, CEO of Red Rock Mining